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Alex Chu

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I'm a founder, product designer, and UX/UI specialist currently working in emerging technologies at Google Daydream. I have a breadth of work experiences from co-founding of a small social media startup, Vicarious, to playing leadership roles at large companies: Samsung, Halliburton, and now Google. My background in design spans 15 years of AR/VR, desktop and mobile apps, advanced R&D, and architecture, providing the perspective and experience to drive innovation in an ever changing world.



360° social media stories

Co-Founder & Head of Product



Once disparate, the real and digital worlds are now converging. Mobile devices, AR/VR, self-automation, smart devices, AI, and robotics are the evidence/engines of this convergence. I got into architecture to affect change for people through their built environments, but as the character of that environment began to evolve, so too did my career. I pivoted to interactive technology to have the combination of skills, experience, and perspective to positively shape the way we interact with each other and our rapidly changing environment.

Milk VR

360° video platform

Lead Designer


Gear VR

Mobile VR headset

Founding Team (Samsung)



The goal of art is to communicate an idea, while the goal of engineering is to provide a solution. Design has aspects of both. We as designers must resolve tangible issues, but also have something to say. This “something” may be a concept, an identity, or an aesthetic, but it establishes a critical communication of our values. I start a project by understanding the user through research, and only then determine a governing goal. Next, I craft a solution and figure out what/how to communicate, constantly evaluating against the goal and repeating as needed. This design process ensures that the resulting product not only achieves our goal, but does so in a way that meaningful to the values of a user.



Former Architect


"Pragmatic Design"

Design with a goal, not a solution, and all else will follow