These projects demonstrate an evolution from architectural design, through traditional UX/UI, and finally towards emerging technologies. The common thread is an interest in how physical spaces and digital products are merging into the environment we occupy today and will define the landscape of the future.  


Co-founder and head of product of a platform for 360 media stories that works on mobile or VR.

Milk VR (now Samsung VR)

Lead designer for Samsung's platform for 360 videos across Gear VR, Mobile, and Web.

My Health Goals

Lead designer on a health tracking platform and app to help doctors monitor patients remotely


Printap (Page Under Construction!)

Lead designer on an app for printing photos at physical locations from your device


AR/VR R&D (Page Under Construction!)

Collection of AR/VR projects from my time as lead designer at Samsung R&D (including Gear VR)


Designing a summerhouse and its influence on my design practice